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Case of the Missing Dick  by Julie Ann Carver

NEW! A murder mystery set in modern day Seattle. Harry Takanawa is a cross between Charlie Chan and Jacklyn Smith. He is Asian, clever, passionate, and also an avid cross dresser. His Doctor Watson is called Big Red, a no-nonsense lesbian who enjoys fist fighting and cunnilingus. Together they tackle the case of the missing Dick.

Richard Sooka, noted designer and star of Designer Derby, has turned up missing and so has his charity gown, slated for auction beginning at three hundred thousand dollars. Dick’s absence puts a halt to the show, and while Hollywood and the fashion industry wait anxiously for his return, a reward is offered to whoever finds the valuable charity gown. All Harry and Big Red want to do is get enough for a sex change operation and a breast reduction. But Harry has money woes and a landlord that is a part time loan shark. With the pressure on to pay the rent, Harry and Red decide to find the dress and claim the reward. Before they can get going, pieces of Richard Sooka begin turning up all over town. And now Heille Crumstein, another star of the show, is brutally burned to death. Harry uncovers the killer, a crazed madman who specializes in designer death. He captures Harry and alters him, installing the most insidious designer death he has ever fabricated. Harry is subjected to unspeakable tortures, including walking endlessly on a treadmill in tight high heels. Red comes to the rescue but is also captured. The killer promises the duo that one of them will see the other die.

A fun read with interesting characters, this one’s a total train wreck. Don’t miss The Case of the Missing Dick on your reading list. Available on amazon.com for Kindle




The first in the series of Mike Pacetti novels. A computer guru realizes the impact his programs are having on people. His software predicts the number of workers to fire to make a corporate merger profitable. Sick of the corporate mercenary game, Mike Pacetti is yearning for a way out. Then it comes: a call in the middle of the night. Accused of murdering a girl from a topless club, his old buddy the Bookworm needs his help in the worst way. As he drives to the rescue Mike sees only the road ahead, oblivious that he is about to be drawn into a plot involving greedy insurance executives, corrupt bankers, and mobsters that recruit him to do more than just save his friend.


Available on Amazon.com for the Kindle    $2.99


A firefighter re-evaluates his choice of career when he is disfigured as he heroically rescues a baby from a burning home. An equiptment manufacturer offers him a safe sales job, but Euripedes Cantrell has deeper issues. He dreams he is Prometheus, sentenced by Zeus, chained to this rock called Earth to be reborn over and over again and die by fire. Even more painful, he sees his loved ones consumed by fire with each passing lifetime. Would he be happy taking the safe way out this time, or is there destiny at work behind his motives?

Available on Amazon.com for the Kindle   $2.99

In a floating city in the future a mother comes to grips with a difficult decision. After travelling across the sea to visit her son, she finds he has gills and she can no longer hold him. She suspects the girlfriend has something to do with it, or maybe it's his teacher, a self-righteous professor who pioneered the process. It all comes to a climax at the undersea restaurant where the truth is revealed, with a twist! This book shows that the final frontier is not in the deep sea or outer space, but in the fertile fields of the human heart. Available on Kindle at Amazon.com and beautifully illustrated by Chad Barbour, you won't want to miss this story.

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