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To our friends and backers:


Thank you for yoru support on kickstarter. We did not reach our goal, but we thank you for your support. We are also committed to giving you the reward, even though your money was refunded. We believe in you as much as you believed in us, so give us a little time. We're still going to produce the audio book, and you'll get your copy soon. We can't thank you enough for your support! 


We are in the process of starting operations again. Meanwhile, our flagship book, Aliens vs. Dinosaurs at the Beginning of Time is available for Amazon Kindle here.


Coming Soon:

Julie Ann Carver is hard at work on the sequel to Case of the Missing Dick, coming Spring 2013. We are also working on the Case of the Missing Dick audio book and hope to have that out in time for Christmas. Finally, w are trying to set up our web store to make Aliens vs. Dinosaurs available on line. Can't find it in stores? Drop us a line and let us know. We'll do our best to get it there.

Any suggestins or feedback for us? Drop us a line at halfabook@dplus2.com. We's love hearing from you. Or someone out there.

Aliens vs. Dinosaurs at the Beginning of Time



The world of the dinosaur – 65 million years ago, when giant beasts fought each other for dominance of the herd. One monarch has a vision of a better world in which dinosaurs cooperate and live in peace. But that peace is shattered when hostile aliens from another planet challenge the dinosaurs for dominion of the Earth. They collect the small ones, the children, taking them away to a distant laboratory where they can experiment on them and find new ways to destroy the dinosaurs once and for all.


King Rex finds his daughter is among the missing. As his world crumbles around him, as his enemies circle around him looking for weakness, he struggles to find a way to harness the power of flying without wings. His goal: to send an envoy of peace to the aliens and negotiate the release of the children. Failing that, to take the children back by force, using an army of dinosaurs that have united behind him with one cry: Rescue the children.


Richly read in a compelling voice, this story is not for the weak of stomach. Full of gruesome battle scenes, with dinosaurs fighting everything in sight. The narration lulls you as the story spins into a fantasy world where aliens and dinosaurs clash for supremacy.